Did you know?

Energy consumption worldwide is growing up continuously.

Generated energy is not used efficiently.

Conventional energy sources are limited in quantity whereas renewable energy is not used in its full potential.

Re-think now!

Recognize and understand the energy flows in your household.

Increase efficiency of your energy usage.

Think green, finally!

Your benefit getting Wattaway

Monitor energy flows of connected devices in real-time.

Detect devices with large energy consumption.

Analyse data and create an energy consumption profile.

Provide recommendations for economical and efficient energy handling.

Allow to check status of each device and to control them remotely.

Reduce energy waste by actions suggested by Artifical Intelligence or by automatic control.

About us

We believe that majority of energy consumed in the world can be covered by getting renewable energy together with conscious use of energy.

Therefore, we drive the energy transition forward by developing innovative, user-friendly and easy to use solutions for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective use of energy, which at the same time make people’s life easier and more convenient. 

This means, the people learn a conscious and sustainable use of energy playfully and emotionally.



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